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We all thank you for a great beginning for Aubie .... she and Indi had a fun round of football after you left to celebrate her graduation. We appreciated your positive training style and your patience with all of us. Your guidance was extremely helpful. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Take care,
Patty, Thomas, Indi and Aubie (Bernese Mountain Dog)
Spirit of The Senses


Thank you VERY much for the picture and all of the incredibly insightful information on my dogs. What I have truly learned the most is how to change MY actions with my dogs and how to positively guide them in situations versus scolding them for unwanted behavior. I have seen vast improvements in both dogs and I have learned how to actively work with each dog on their strengths and weaknesses. My goal for them has always been for them to be happy and healthy and with the skills you have taught me, I know I can give them an amazing life, even better then I have been. My next goal, is to get them their own yard :)

Thank you for everything!

Sarah, Otis and Roxy (Yorkies)
(513) 256-3957

Hi Mark!

Well your timing is impeccable! I finally downloaded several months worth of photographs off my camera just this weekend! She is growing up to be a big girl, I think she weighed in around 70lbs sometime in the last month and still has some growing to do. I’ve attached a picture from a random Saturday afternoon this last month where the kids had invaded Lucy’s “place” with their legos and cuddled up for a photo opp. Not only was she very tolerant of their presence, but we haven’t had one lego chewed yet! I can’t say the same about the kid’s outside toys which she has unattended access to but, Lucy is pretty good about not stealing inside toys. Thankfully, she doesn’t seem to be a very aggressive chewer, all her nyla bones are original with just gnawed ends, none have been destroyed. Of course, nothing beats a Kong filled with peanut butter! You gave us a wonderful “toolbox” and she is really turning into a great dog! Several examples:

  • Sunday night she followed the kids outside b/c Matt was across the street talking to the neighbors and she stopped at the sidewalk per Matt’s command, she did not cross the street
  • During walks she is well behaved and keeps to her business when passing other dogs. Matt is still working to keep her by his side but she doesn’t stray too much in front.
  • She obeys the “out” command that we use to let her know when she is to be out of the kitchen during food prep or mealtime. She still tests the duration to stay out a ton but does listen when asked to leave.
  • She is getting better with visitors…. We kept her on the leash in the living room during trick or treaters coming by. She was anxious to see them all at the door but didn’t jump or tug the leash, she knew it was her boundary. All other visitors that come in, she is still very excited to see them but is now calming down in about a minutes time with little to no jump at all.
  • During the summer she learned “step” which was her cue to not bother other swimmers and to head back to the pool steps. She loves to go swimming with us and chase after her ball in the pool.
  • “Stay” works beautifully when taking out the trash or opening the pool fence or any other time we need.
  • She never argues to “kennel up” at nighttime or when we are leaving the house. We also use it on the rare occasion that she needs a time out and can try to stray but eventually goes in for her break. This is usually followed up with some exercise to burn up all that energy that got her into trouble.
  • “Off” is still tested constantly, she would love to be up on that couch and snuggle, but knows to stay off when told.
  • “Leave it” is a wonderful command – I’m so thankful to have this one, it keeps her mouth off anything and everything we ask.

She is not living up to any “Marley” type horror stories. The boundaries that we’ve built for her have helped her grow into a balanced dog. Don’t get me wrong, she is still far from perfect, but I couldn’t be more pleased with her behavior thus far. Now if only I could just get her to stop chasing the poor cat. ;-)

I hope this finds you well!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! We could NOT have trained her without YOU and DOGGIE STEPS!!

Kari & Matt & Lucy (Yellow Lab)

What a well written article – so true!! I hope your dogs had a good visit from Santa this week! We took the kids to see “Marley and Me” yesterday and, well, real men do cry after all! ;-) Probably the third time in all my years with my husband that he shed a tear but that Marley moved everybody in the theatre to it! We are so lucky to have such wonderful canines in our lives! Life with our Lucy is enriched beyond my wildest imagination! (of course, a good dog trainer helped us get her there!) It’s been a wonderful compliment to us this last week when a fellow dog owner met Lucy and commented on how well behaved she is for such a young dog – hat’s off to you, Mark, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Have a very Happy New Year!
Kari Carlson – Lucy (Yellow Lab)

Angel is doing great. She not only has been a great boat dog (complete with life jacket) this summer, but she really has been amazing in her training: Sit, lie down, give me five, go find your Orange Dog, go find your Brown Dog. She holds hands, she gives huge hugs and yep, potty trained - inside and out. And she's a great watch dog...although I tried (and will keep trying "The Party's Over" and "Zip it!") I still think she's a natural for commercials ;-) We could NOT have done this without you!!

Pam & George & Angel (Papillon)

Hi Mark and happy holidays!

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Mia has been going to Riley's Ruff House every Monday for the past month and a half. I'm so glad you recommended it to us, she is really doing well there. She has her own pack that she plays with every Monday and has made a good friend with a large Bloodhound. She comes home completely exhausted after a full day of play and most importantly, socialization with other dogs.

The staff said she is very patient with new dogs she doesn't know who attempt to play when she's not in the mood. They said that in time, they will most likely introduce her to smaller dogs as they do not feel she is aggressive, they think that she doesn't really know how big she is (which I can totally see).

I thought you would enjoy hearing how well she is doing with her socialization skills. Like I said before, we're both very pleased with her progress.

Take care and keep the e-mails coming!

Michele & Chris England & Mia (Great Dane)

Dear Mark,

I don’t know if you remember my calls and emails two months ago, but you were so helpful when we needed help with our rescue dog, Fluff, that I want to update you.

We’ve had Fluff for two months now, and he is doing wonderfully. Due to his ability to slip through small spaces, we found having him on a short leash while in the backyard was a necessity. We would walk him, let him do his business, and then tie him to the chair we were sitting in on the deck. In the last two weeks I have seen fruits of this. If we allow him outside without a leash, he will do his business and immediately return to the deck and sit by my rocker. Twice he was left outside on accident. Both times we heard him barking and looked outside to find him sitting by the rocker waiting for us to call him in. We were thrilled!

Unfortunately, we have had to crate him at night. Our daughter really wanted him to sleep with her, but he has a horrible tendency to mark territory. The crate has made a huge difference.

All in all, Fluff is doing great. He is so laid back. My son carries him like a baby, and the children’s friends adore him. Now that the temperatures have cooled here in Texas, we will start working on the obstacle course for Fluff and Fred, the Lab mix we have.

Again, thank you so much for your help. I do not think it is too dramatic to say you helped save Fluff from a return to the animal shelter. DOGGIE STEPS is the best!!

With deep appreciation,
Jerri Phillips & Fluff (Miniature Poodle)


Chaos in my home with two super active dogs has to stop. I was referred to Mark the owner of Doggie Steps Dog Training. His motto "A Good Dog = A Trained Owner". Consistency and repetition is so important. I have an 8 year old Jack Russell, Eddie. I also have a 1 year old Long Haired Chihuahua, Elvis. I rescued Eddie and he came with some issues. He loves to watch TV, Cops is his favorite.He knows the Bad Boys theme song.As soon as he hears it, he bolts into the room growling. He is so excited to maybe see the K-9 dog, a gun fight or a car crash. It is so weird and very annoying. Within 2 weeks, we are making some progress in stopping this incessant TV watching. Elvis is so adorable. All he wants to do is play in the house. He teases Eddie and loves to be chased. He only weighs 4 pounds, so he hides under the furniture where Eddie can't fit.It drives Eddie nuts. It is like a tornado of dogs. We are getting this problem under control also.

Mark, the owner, is very soft spoken and calm. He truly is a dog whisperer. If your dogs are not well mannered give Mark a call.

Thank you Mark!
Lynn Hennessy & Elvis & Eddie (Chihuahua mix & Jack Russell)

Hi Mark!

I got your message last week, we were out of town again. Thanks for checking on us though! Leo is doing great. He has had a lot of opportunities to practice his good behavior with people coming and going through the front door at home and he continues to improve. We have our new doggie door that goes directly to the backyard from the kitchen/dining room area and he loves it. He now goes outside all by himself and explores and plays without having to have me by his side all the time. He is also doing so much better about being left at home alone. He doesn’t seem to have near as much anxiety as he used to have. He is still going to day camp at the Posh Puppy once every couple weeks and they tell me he is like a different dog then when he first started coming there. He is playing and interacting with other dogs and even has some new best dog friends, one of them being a big husky. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! We haven’t had much opportunity to work on leash manners with other dogs in the neighborhood since it’s still been so hot but in another couple of weeks we’ll be out there on the streets daily working on that.

Thanks for all of your help with Leo. We are both happier with all that we’ve learned! We could NOT have done this without you and DOGGIE STEPS!!

Hi Mark,

I just had to write to tell you about our walk this morning. I think we finally had a major breakthrough! I decided to drive to the community center and start from there since our neighborhood with all of the small white “yappy” dogs seem to be a trigger for Leo. So we started our walk following a lady with a border collie about 20 yards behind her. Leo was a little anxious but not too bad. They crossed the street and were still within view but Leo did pretty good. He didn’t pull and thrash and whine but was just a little agitated. After about 15 minutes he settled into the walk and didn’t care at all about the other dog. It was so nice out that I decided to make it a nice long walk. Well, the farther we went, the better Leo got. After about 40 minutes or so, we passed two people that both had dogs and were stopped on the road talking. Leo glanced at them but didn’t even hesitate to keep going. After another couple minutes we came across another dog and Leo had no reaction at all. Then another, and no reaction again. So, I’ve learned that once he’s a little worn out and doesn’t have that nervous energy stored up, he can actually stay calm walking by other dogs. Each time he acted appropriately I praised him a great deal. I am so excited that we had such a good walk! I am convinced that after several more good experiences he will get better and better in dealing with other dogs.

We also took him to Einstein’s yesterday and there were several other dogs there. He was fine just hanging out on the patio with them near by. I also took him to the dog park the other day. It was the middle of the day and there was only 1 other dog there which was perfect. It was kind of a shy dog so that worked out well. Leo went up and sniffed the dog and then just went on his way exploring. Right as we were leaving, a lady showed up with a large black lab. I already had Leo on leash and the lab was on a leash also. They sniffed each other and seemed to be fine. Leo tends to rush up to other dogs quickly though to meet them and I worry a little that if he does that to the wrong dog it could cause a problem.

I think I’m going to take him to Posh Puppy tomorrow to spend the day with his doggie friends. I just wanted to give you an update and share the good news!

Jeanne & Leo (Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix)

Hi Mark,

She's getting better, slowly, and Jeff's been great! This morning he walked into the room four times and she didn't make a peep. She did a little growl once this morning, but he gave her a buzz then picked her right up for a snuggle.

I think she's going to be fine. She seems more comfortable -- generally -- since Friday. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am so much less anxious about her and Jeff.

Thanks for all your help. Anna keeps telling people that you are "magic!"

Angela, Jeff, Anna, & Pepper (Schnoodle)

Dear Mark,

I read your excellent article in the July 30 Ahwatukee Foothills News about dogs and pool safety.

We moved to Phoenix two summers ago and we'd never lived in a house with a pool before. We didn't realize that not all dogs love water, and that dogs don't automatically know how to get out of a swimming pool. Luckily I was watching when our dog, chasing a ground squirrel, lost her footing and fell into the pool. It immediately was clear that she didn't know how to get out, and she was wasting valuable energy desperately trying to climb up the flat wall she fell from.

I ran and rescued her, and thankfully she was fine. Had I not been watching, who knows? A very scary thought. We then began teaching her how to exit the pool, putting her in the pool in various locations, but teaching her to exit at the same safe place each time, as you describe. She absolutely hates the water, but we still continue with reminder lessons every few weeks, just to be sure.

We also later learned that one of our neighbors had not been so lucky. Their dog fell into the pool and drowned because it didn't know how to get out.

So anyway, it occurred to me that your article could be reprinted and made available through realtors to every new homeowner/pool owner in the Phoenix area. Perhaps it could also be distributed through pool construction companies. It could save many dogs' lives, and serve as a marketing tool for you to promote your business as well.

At any rate, thank you for a great article; I hope it will keep many more dogs safe.

LuAnne Hedblom

Dear Mark,

We have a two year old Chihuahua-Rat Terrier that was aggressive towards other dogs, and people shy. When she was alone with us she was great; she would play fetch, go for runs, and she was very well behaved in the house. We wanted to be able to take her to the dog park with out wondering if she would get in a fight. We also needed lots of help with greeting other dogs on the leash. After having four private sessions with Mark, Lexi is a new dog. She sits on command, love down, and gets the cutest look on her face when you tell her leave it. She stares at the treat out of the corner of her eyes acting like she isn't even paying attention. She is not only now more calm-submissive on her walks, but in general as well. She is progressing more and more every day with all of her commands. She now goes to the dog park regularly with no problems, and enjoys seeing her 5 dogs friends we have made on walks in our neighborhood. DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training was not dog training, but people training. We had to learn how to teach and communicate with her. Now I can teach her more and more tricks. We are working on Sit Pretty, Stand Pretty, and Spin. She is super cute trick dog. I enjoyed my time with DOGGIE STEPS, and would highly recommend their dog training classes to anyone with dog challenges. Mark was very professional, polite, on time, and gave great advice and instruction. Lexi loves all of her training as well. She loves her new food, she enjoys playing with the other dogs and getting treats. Thanks Again Mark!!!

AMBER, SCOTT, & LEXI (Chihuahua mix)

Kathy and I wish to thank you for the help you gave us with “Rufus”. Rufus is a Chow, Chinese Shar-Pei and Coyote mix, which resulted in a difficult dog to socialize. Rufus got along and played well with his sisters and brother and considered them and Kathy and I as his pack. The problem was, as you discovered, that he wanted to snarl, growl and fight with all dogs outside of his pack. You taught us how to convince Rufus that Kathy and I are the pack leaders and as pack leaders have the authority to decide who is part of the pack (friend) and who is not part of the pack. After 6 training sessions with you and your good natured female dog, Leinie, we can now take Rufus for walks and when he meets other dogs he either ignores them or greets them in a friendly way. We can even take him to the dog park and he will play with the other dogs!! We could not have done it without you and DOGGIE STEPS!!

Thanks again Mark for training us to train our dog Rufus.

Jim & Kathy Moule & Rufus (Chow/Shar-Pei/Coyote mix)

Audi and I have both grown up with dogs and really wanted to have a dog for a long time. In August of 2007 we finally decided to adopt a 6-month-old female Border Collie mix from the Arizona Border Collie Rescue. When we met her the first time, she did not come over to us for 15 minutes and kept hiding if we approached her but she broke our heart immediately and after 30 minutes she was in her car heading for a new home.

When we got her she was really shy but I thought maybe that it was just because she’s been given a new home and she needed some time to adjust. And one more thing that really was strange to me was that she wasn’t playful at all. A 6-month-old puppy should be tearing the house apart, right? Well, after 4-months her shyness was getting worse and it was obvious we weren’t doing the right thing to help her. It was difficult for us to see how stressed she was all the time. She was terrified to go out on walks but we had to give her exercise. Also, she panicked every time a new person came into our home and she still wasn’t much playful. She actually seemed unhappy at times. Even though we both were used to having dogs, this was something none of us had ever encountered before. What on earth should we do to help her? We tried obedience training but she totally freaked out every time we went. Then, Mark Siebel from Doggie Steps came to our rescue! After working with Mark for 10 sessions, our little Taffy is a changed dog! She is now a happy, playful, energetic and a fun dog to be around. Although she still gets scared she recovers in seconds. She now greets people at the door and actually don’t mind hanging out with strangers.

Mark gave us a better understanding on how to handle a shy and scared dog. He gave us exercises to do with her in our backyard as well as on our walks. Simple and “easy to do anywhere” exercises really has helped build her confidence! She is now rollerblading with us in the neighborhood, practicing agility in the back yard (jumps, tunnels, weaves and loops) and hiking with us in the mountain.

And, just to give you an idea of how changed she is here is our list of her accomplishments:

BEFORE Doggie Steps training

AFTER Doggie Steps training

Hid under the bed when the leash was brought out

Now she accepts the leash.

Terrified of the leash, people in general but especially people on bikes and loud kids

She comes out and checks out whom the new people are. Doesn’t hide any longer.

Didn’t play

Plays all day long!!! Even at night by herself. And she loves agility. Jumping is especially fun and running through the tunnel is exciting. Kugel & Leinie (Mark’s two Australian Shepherds) thought her how to do that one.

Terrified of bicycles, skateboard, rollerblades, big cars and children

Now we take her out rollerblading and bicycling and big cars are just a big car :) Skateboards are still a bit spooky, but she doesn’t freak out any longer. She is still really vary of children but has built her confidence enough to allow our friends children to come and pet her. AMAZING!

Didn’t want to be petted

Now she sometimes even comes over and lay’s on Audi’s lap. And she likes a good belly rub and love having her ears “massaged” :)

Freaked out by loud noises or even just new sounds and the wind

She’s still vary of big noises and especially the wind. But, she is not freaking out any longer. Just a bit cautious and that’s quite all right with us.

Nervous, rude and bitchy around other dogs

She’s still a “little bitch” that will never change J But, since she now has so much more confidence its much easier for her to greet new dogs. Just this weekend we went to Canyon Wood Lakes and there we met three leashed dogs. We took them all of their leash and within a couple of minutes she found her place in their pack. It was wonderful to watch :)

THANK YOU MARK SIEBEL!!! Taffy is a happy dog and we are happy and more knowledgeable dog owners because of your help.

Taffy, Gerd & Audi
Gerd Corrigan/Audi Taraldsen & Taffy (Border Collie Mix)

Mark, I haven't received any calls yet but will sing your praises should anyone you have referred do so. Bogey is wonderful. The other day the back door was open and when he saw it, he put one paw outside. I said NO and he brought it back in and looked at me, wagging his tail. His latest trick is going to the front door where his leash is hanging and touches it with his nose when he wants to go out. If that doesn't work when I am sleeping, he puts his paw on my head until I am awake and aware of his need.

Thanks for your instructing Fred and I on how to have a great canine friend. He's the best!! It's all because of your instruction that Bogey is calm and submissive.

Sarah/Fred Tsosie & Bogey (Mati-Poo)

Thanks Mark for helping me with Dutchess. Syrus was a big challenge being hyper, but Dutchess had to get over her fear of a new home with a new master. Being a true rescue was difficult, but, I can finally say, due to all your help, she has become part of the pack. She has such a cute personality; it was so nice to see she's now a happy dog. I hope to see my pack's pics on your w ebsite soon. Thank you again!!

Linda Clark, Dutchess, Syrus, & Walley
(Springer Spaniels & Shepherd Mix)

Good Morning, Mark!
That "Halti" is nothing short of a miracle!! I walked Baron last night - and I couldn't believe he was the same dog as the one I walked over the weekend!! I'm anxious to see how Bella will do tonight. My aching arm muscles thank you, and I thank you!! Have a great day, and thank you SO much for giving me the tools to have better trained dogs!!

Linda Merriman & Baron (Basset Hounds)

I have raised dogs my whole life and have always had well trained dogs. When I got my current Australian Shepherd, I grew very discouraged as she was the most strong willed dog I have ever encountered. Mark helped me immeasurably! With every challenging behavior problem, he would tailor a training program for the specific behavior. He gave me hope that I would eventually have a good dog. He even talked me out of getting rid of my dog and now I am so thankful I didn't because she is my best friend! I continue to call on Mark with questions for behaviors that might pop up and he is continually creative in helping me tackle new challenges. Sometimes I think he loves my dog as much as I do! You are the best at what you do!! THANK YOU!!

Nan Edens & Fergie (Australian Shepherd)

I just really wanted to thank you for your assistance in training our new Yellow Lab puppy Bailey. It was a great help to learn the commands early and how to train him before he starts chewing on everything and digging up the yard. So far so good and he really took the command leave it. We aren't having any problems as of yet so thanks again for showing us the way to a Harmonious dog home!!!

Renee Page and Bailey (Yellow Lab)


I was amazed at how well Ivy & Wrigley did after you left. I decided I wanted me to run through the exercises with them and then have John do it again separately to make sure the dogs are responding to both of us and they are getting it...they don't get "take" yet...they finally got "leave it" and won't touch the treats but then when I say "take" they look at me like they aren't sure what they are allowed to do. However, I guess I did extra credit homework last night...I found these 3 foot rawhide bones and put down each of their mats in the living room and made them see the bones, then I put them in the kitchen and took the dogs to their "place" and made them sit and when they tried to move I'd keep telling them to "sit" in their "place"...gave them their bones and Wrigley at first tried getting out of his spot about 3 times but I kept at it and we enjoyed our first movie without the dogs bothering us. :) They stayed on their spots the whole time...I was amazed. :)

See you next week,

Joia Friedrich
Bull Mastiff/American BullDog

Doggie Steps, unlike any other obedience/training venue, comes to your home and works with the dog/owner in their own environment to see the interaction firsthand.

Mark, our new best friend with Doggie Steps, explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I observed noticeable results by the end of each training session. I have been able to use the training techniques every day. It's not the dogs who are learning, it's me. I've learned how to communicate with my dogs as well as how to make their lives with us a healthier one.

I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Mark/Doggie Steps. The training experience was interesting, fun, and enjoyable. Sunny and Jack definitely looked forward to their weekly sessions with Mark.

Thank you Mark/Doggie Steps!
Rhonda, Steve, Sonny, & Jack

We acquired, Gucci, a soft-coated Wheaton Terrier just before Christmas. She was two and half years old and we were not aware if she had had any obedience training and if she had she was not demonstrating any.

We also have a male Wheaton, Murphy, just a couple of months younger who has been to a series of obedience classes. Besides leaving her home of over two years, her life with us was anything but routine. I drove with her and Murphy from our home in Edmonton , Alberta to our home in Chandler at the beginning of February. A new experience for all of us! We did not trust Gucci enough to give her much freedom within the house and definitely not outside of the home or the fenced yard. We did not open the door without getting a hold of her for fear that she would bolt and not respond to our commands. We put her on a leash to go from the house to the car. However, now after just a couple of lessons with Mark and DOGGIE STEPS she does not try to run out an open door and she will walk to the car with me without a leash. She has learned quickly to sit when asked and is quickly responding to the commands “down,” “stay” and “come”. I would recommend Mark and DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training to all my friends!!
Thanks again,
Lynne & Rick Hewson 480.471.6692

Dear Mark,
Thank you soooo much for your amazing patience and unflappable endurance in seeing Webster and I through this somewhat scarey time. You were absolutely brilliant in your handling of him . . . and of me ! I can not thank you enough. I truly believe I would/could not have done that without you.
Thanks! And thanks! And thanks!
Pat Tschudy& Webster
(Standard Poodle) "Webster" 480.861.3755

Dear Mark,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did training me to be a great dog owner. As you know, beagles can be very stubborn and headstrong, but after just a few weeks with you my two beagle pups are happy & well behaved. I would recommend you and your "Doggie Steps" program to any dog owner. I believe it was because of your special talent and love of dogs that my pups were so successful.
Thanks again,
Nancy Hitchcock
(Beagles) "Tucker & Jagger" 480.221.6827

Dear Mark,
This e-mail is a long time coming. I just wanted to express to you how much we appreciate how much time and effort you put into train the girls (and us). Lola especially does a great job now at the door and at the gate. She does a sit stay (lie down stay) at both places and we don't worry about her bolting anymore. She is like a new dog and I truly think she now know who the master is. Sierra continues to do a great job on all of the things we reinforced as well.
Thanks again Mark for a job well done.
Martha Payne
(Chow/Golden Mixes) "Lola & Sierra" 480.812.8997

Thank you for the contact and information on INNOVA. GOOD NEWS: We feed Scarlett in a flatter dish and also raised her dish. Walla! It worked - she's back to gobbling up her food. I also added a little cooked chicken and some boiled rice. We'll try that for a week and see how she does. Thanks a million, Mark! You're a great trainer.
Take care.
D and Paulette
(Miniature Schnauzer) "Scarlett" 602.944.5633

Hi Mark,
You are a treasure!!! My niece felt so good after talking with you and your discount was very generous. Your "gift" with the animals is a blessing. I am off "running", so talk to you soon.
(Australian Shepherd) "Phantom" 480.650.4039

Mark @ Doggie Steps,
We see such an improvement in the three weeks, we have been in training. We felt Daisy was an intelligent dog, and with the posture and voice commands we have been shown, it is making all of us happier.
Thank you, and we look forwardto the next lesson!!
Becky & Ken Stohlmann
(Husky/Golden Mix) "Daisy" 602.216.7816

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