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Dog Training in Phoenix, Arizona.

DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training was started in Chandler, AZ in 2004. Since then, over 3000+ dogs have been trained!!

I am partial to Phoenix for how well it has treated me and DOGGIE STEPS.

It's hard to believe how the time has gone by from our 1st Chandler/Phoenix dog training GROUP class to the expansion of the company to three Western states. It has ALWAYS been our belief that the dogs come first, then the humans. Our success model proves it. We must first learn about the dog to see where the unwanted behaviors have developed, and then train the human handler to manage/change it.

The Phoenix dog training market has given us exposure to: puppy training, proper dog selection, dog-dog acclimation, caring for an elderly dog, aggressive dogs, GROUP and AT HOME training, BOARD & TRAIN, and the proper health maintenance of your dog.

DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training can help with: Potty training, socialization, health management, jumping, digging, chewing, counter/crotch surfing-sniffing, prey drive, barking, water safety, dog/human aggression and MUCH MORE!!

Phoenix, AZ has a wide-variety of people living here with one main thing in common. They ALL love their dogs!! Training provides our customers with a "blue print" for successful dog ownership. Our job at DOGGIE STEPS is not only to train and educate, but to consult with ALL aspects of what is involved with owning a dog from selection, health, training, grooming, boarding, and socialization.

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AZ Dog Training in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Mesa, Tempe and Gilbert Areas.