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Dog Training Testimonials in The Phoenix AZ Area

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Mickey-Diane-Poco-AndeeDear Mark,

One of our dogs, Andee, had been attacked by an Akita and suffered from "post traumatic stress syndrome - she was terrified of other dogs. Using his own dogs as playmates, Mark gradually socialized Andee so she learned that other dogs were not necessarily mean. Over the 5 week training period, he gave us valuable tools that helped us train our Dachschunds to be more obedient - not an easy task! Mark exceeded our expectations. He truly provides the WOW factor in his services. He was worth every penny we paid and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Mickey & Diane Kundrat & Andee/Poco (Dachshunds)
Gilbert, AZ

Amy-Larry-BaileyDear Mark,

I have had a couple of different dog trainers with my dog and found Mark & DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training to be the MOST EFFECTIVE. He showed us several ways to work with our dog, Bailey. To calm her down, reduce her aggressive nature, not chase our cats, greet guests at our front door, and just to stay calm in general. I found Mark to be easy to work with as well as very gentle with our dog. By the second session, Bailey had already learned so much from Mark. I was impressed from the start. I would highly recommend using Mark for dog training. Bailey and the entire Greenfeld household-especially the two cats - thank you Mark.

Amy & Larry Greenfeld & Bailey (Golden Retriever)
Paradise Valley, AZ

Jacque-Ryan-Max1Hey Mark,

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Max now that it has been few months since we went through your training in Doggie Steps. Max has improved dramatically over the past few months, almost as if he is a completely different dog. He no longer pulls at all on our walks, he will now sit and stay on command, even if a tennis ball is thrown he will not budge until we tell him to. His all around attitude has just been a complete 180 from what is was. He still has some issues with "drop it" as he only does it about 20% of the time but he does seem to get "leave it" although that is still a work in progress as he only does it about 80% of the time.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught us. Without the tips you gave us I doubt he would be anywhere near the dog he is today.

Thank you again,

Ryan & Jacque Smith & Max (Black Labrador Retriever)
Gilbert, AZ
(480) 204-1172

Hi Mark,

I thought I’d send you a Carter update. Overall, he’s doing very well. We still practice his basic skills every day, both at home and out on walks. I have him work through the 5 step agility program (table, sit, down, stay, off) almost every day as we walk through the park. Then, as a treat, I take him to the top of the jungle gym and let him go down the slide a couple times. Who knew he’d like to go down the slide but he thinks it's fun. I was afraid he’d take off running when I first let go of the leash to let him go down the slide but I commanded him to sit and stay and he did! Walking without pulling is still an everyday problem. My arm is getting some real muscle definition and my little finger has developed a callus from the leash rubbing against it. When he pulls, I stop and have him sit, refocus and we start again. I’ve also been using my guttural noises and a slight tug. This approach has really been working. I see Carter looking up at me for reassurance that he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. Anyone who sees me or hears me walking by must think I have turrets syndrome with all the noises I make. We still have a long way to go to master this skill but we’re making progress one baby step at a time. At the dog park yesterday, a man was having his dog work through commands and tricks for treats. Carter heard and saw the man from half way across the park and ran over to him. The man started giving Carter commands and Carter did every command perfectly (except roll over) for this perfect stranger –who had treats. I still have occasions where he starts doing the vicious bark at certain people but the occasions are more the exception than the norm. He’s doing much better at meeting guests in our house. He still barks but settles quickly. I’ll check in with you next week and maybe can come to class on March 28. Thanks for all your help. DOGGIE STEPS is the best!!


Lore Lee Taylor & Carter (Shar Pei Mix)
Chandler, AZ
(602) 228-6211

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