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Dog Trainer in Phoenix, Arizona.

Even since I was a teenager, I could NOT walk by a dog without petting it. I would approach the dog with a "squeak" or "grunt" sound from my mouth and then observe its body language. I was always fascinated by how much the dogs resembled their owners. Since those days, it was made clear to me my connection with canines.

My attraction to dogs over the years stems from the happiness I get when an owner discovers how to "effectively" communicate with their dogs. Often times I must motivate/inspire the owners to take a different approach with the pups, but success and positive routine is sure to follow. My style of dog training is Voice and Posture, and I teach my customers how to "think" like a dog to better communicate with their own.

I have trained over 600+ dogs in Phoenix, AZ and continue to enjoy the new challenges of each case. Each new dog and owner brings a new opportunity for me to learn more about dog behavior and the appropriate creative solutions to balance it.

For more info. on my background please check out my BIO page.

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