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Dog Training Tips - Sit, Drop, and Off

Fiddo won't sit?

First off, remain calm. Dogs feed off of our energy so try not to stress out around your dog.  Get down on one knee, and slowly raise a treat above your dog's nose.  As the head raises up to follow the treat, gravity will slowly set the butt down.  Praise with treat and repeat 10x per day with your dog.

Fiddo won't drop your shoe?

Dogs can learn through training how to pick up and drop objects.  I call this "give and take" or "up and DROP".  I use this method when training sporting dogs to release game birds.  With a squeak toy, get your dog's attention.  Next, command "take" and let your dog bite and hold the toy.  Then, command "drop" and release the toy from your dog's jaws.  Praise with treat and repeat 10x per day with your dog.

Fiddo keeps jumping on you?

No dog is perfect.  Dogs get excited and show this love for people by jumping.  Dogs learn by routine, so, practice when greeting your dog, approach with a verbal greeting, but NO physical contact for the first 2-3 minutes.  If your dog attempts to jump on you, turn sideways (less surface space to land on) and command OFF.  When all four paws are on the floor, treat and praise. Repeat 10x per day with your dog.

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