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Dog Sitting in The Phoenix, Arizona Area.


DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training offers customer daily home visits, as well as “At My Home” dog sitting-boarding services for the dog customer who wants their dog in the “calm-submissive” environment of a professional dog trainer’s home.

ALL ”At My Home” dog sitting/boarding is done in the comfort of my own home with access to my (2) Australian Shepherds, Leinie and Shish. I have found that through the use of my 2 well-trained dogs, I am able to provide a sound harmonious dog atmosphere conducive to the calm, well-being of your dog.


$25-35 Per visit – Includes feeding/playtime/walk/poop pick-up

Customer MUST live within a (5) mile radius of my main office on Ray/McQueen in Chandler, AZ to be considered for this service.


$75  per day – Includes unlimited play time and access to my dogs. Your dogs will be involved with the daily repetition/routine as my own dogs. Some basic obedience will be implemented with your dogs stay.

  • Max of (2) dogs per stay
  • Minimum of a 2 day stay
  • Reservations recommended (30) days prior to stay
  • ½ non-refundable deposit required
  • General customer contact-dog info. to be completed prior to stay
  • COMPLETED updated vaccinations must be provided, including rabies shot, and proof of flea/tick treatment plus Bordetella (kennel cough)

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I truly believe that no one loves your dog as much as you, except your dog trainer. While there are many reputable local Valley kennels to board your dog, there is no place like home or MY HOME for their comfort and LOW stress.

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