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Dog Training Job Opportunities in Phoenix,
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Preliminary Employment Application

Thank you for considering joining the DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training team!  It is our goal to provide a training environment  and culture like NONE other.

JOB DESCRIPTION:  'AT HOME' Dog Trainer - Outside sales/networking

'AT home' dog training providing basic obedience  for  dogs, and educational dog consultations for their owners.  We strive not ONLY to train the dog, but to educate the owners in ALL aspects of positive dog ownership.   Trainer will be expected to develop  and maintain relationships with new and established customers, as well with various local dog related businesses, i.e. groomers, doggie daycare, vets, kennels, and feed stores.  More than 50% of the job will be spending time in the field, calling on NEW customers, developing vendor "partner" relationships,  and growing your territory.  Through these relationships your territories and credibility will grow.  In addition, LEADS will be provided through our website:

Requirements & Responsibilities include:  Past experience working with OR training dogs, customer service and outside sales background preferred, a professional uniformed (polo shirt w/ DOGGIE STEPS logo) appearance,  strict attention to detail and response time to fellow employees and customers, daily driving of roughly 60-80 miles, reliable form of personal transportation, cell-phone,  punctuality and the highest level of professionalism a must.
If this sounds like a profession for you, please fill out the below short informational application and a DOGGIE STEPS representative will be in contact with you shortly.

Thanks again for your consideration of DOGGIE STEPS!!



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1. Have you ever trained dogs before? If yes, briefly describe some of the cases you have experience with.

2. Do you own a dog? If yes, what breed(s). Have you ever used your dog on any of your past training cases to assist in the rehabilitation of a dog?

3. Do you have outside sales/networking experience? Are you comfortable calling on Dog related businesses and speaking with owners about their companies to generate referral business?

4. A reliable form of personal transportation is required for this job. Are you comfortable with driving 60-80 miles per day?

5. ALL qualified applicants, if hired, will be subject to a 60 day evaluation period with pay. After this time it will be clear if this profession is fitting for you. Potential of 4-5 dog cases per day is standard, as your business grows. Please use this section to write a brief paragraph on "Why dog training is the right profession for me."

*The information transmitted is confidential information intended only for DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, LLC and will not be sold, traded or transmitted to any other person(s) or entity for any reason whatsoever.

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