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Dog Training Commands Used By Professional Dog Trainers.

Sit - The "home base" of all dog training commands. Use when feeding, treating, exiting the front door, or crossing the street.

Leave It - The command used to "halt" a dog from eating or smelling unwanted items.

Off - Most often interchanged with "down" the off command is used for any UNWANTED jumping or removal from furniture.

Down - Used to have a dog lay down. I use this primarily for discipline or calmness.

Stay - The command used to have your dog remain idle in a steady position.

Come - One of the most important dog obedience commands. Essential in the recall of your dog.

Heel - Used to have a dog remain at your side, behind the tip of your toe, during a walk or recall finish. Try to keep your dog on the SAME side, every walk to establish consistency.

Dog Training - Command List

Commands Used For Professional Dog Training.