Why Is Dog Training Important? Learn the 3 most needed training disciplines

Upon starting my dog training business over 9 years ago, I knew that it would be my job to train the human first and the dog second. A Good Dog = A Trained Owner. Since 2005, over 3000 dogs and well over an audience of 10,000 humans have been trained!

Why is training important? Read below to learn the 3 most needed dog training disciplines – Attitude, Commitment, and Leadership.

1. Attitude. You will NOT achieve the desired training results you’re looking for if you don’t think positive! Training is a marathon NOT a sprint, so, some results will come sooner than others. By thinking and acting with a positive attitude, you will experience lower stress and overall better harmony with your dog during your training sessions.

2. Commitment. Training success will most certainly come sooner with a strong commitment to your daily routines. I generally can tell from my first dog training class with a new customer, which customer will be more committed than the others. Just like any thing in life, i.e. business OR personal achievement, results take time and patience. By being committed to your training goals and practicing your daily dog training commands your overall dog training results will be met in no time at all!

3. Leadership. Finally, training will always be easier with strong pack leadership skills. Are you a leader in your home? At work? If no, START NOW!! Being a strong pack leader is a MUST to instill a strong bond with your dog. Of course its not always required, but when needed, you want your dog to know that YOU are the boss! READ: Dog Training Pack Leader Basics.

Dog training is a vital requirement to ensure balance with you and your dog. By doing your daily training routines and disciplines, soon you will have the BEST trained dog on the block!