Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Learn why dogs jump and how to limit it.

Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Through daily dog training you will see a HUGE decrease in your dog jumping with the use of daily dog training commands.

The MAIN reason why a dog jumps is the instinctual desire to receive food from the mouth of its mother. So, from a very young age, your dog will begin to jump with the expecation of receiving food. How do we control your dog jumping? Below are a few tips!

1. Turn sideways. As easy as this sounds, while dog training, if your dog attempts to jump on you, just turn sideways. Have you ever been to a dog park and observed dogs at play? What do dogs do to avoid being jumped on? They turn sideways. This simple tip will help control your dogs jumping. For MORE info. on training your dog not to jump read THIS.

2. “OFF” command. To train your dog not to jump, begin using the “off” command. Find a large object..i.e..ledge or rock, that your dog IS allowed on. Next, have your dog jump on the item. Finally, command “off” and have your dog jump off the item. By doing this exercise routinely, your dog will learn to get off of items they are not allowed on..i.e..couch, bed, and you!

Dog training is no different than any other daily discipline you are looking to improve. Try to incorporate the “off” command into your daily dog walk on raised sewer ledges, rocks, or picnic table benches, and in no time at all your dog will be trained with this new dog training command.

Happy Phoenix dog training!

Mark Siebel – Owner of Doggie Steps Dog Training, Chandler, AZ

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