Help! My dog won’t stop barking! I have heard this many times over my 9 years of dog training. Dogs bark for a variety of reasons.

Read below to learn the 3 most common stimulus to why dogs bark – Communication, Protective Warning, and Play.

1. Communication. Dogs, like gray wolves, bark to communicate. A dogs bark will signal motion and the location of the dog. Have you ever noticed that your dog can detect when another dog will be passing by your home? How? They hear a dogs bark a few doors down that signals them of the oncoming dog!

2. Protective Warning. Dogs will let another dog OR a human know WHEN to halt with a light growl or bark. This is a natural tendency to warn of a potential bite. This in normal for dogs and must be observed when dog training with dog aggression or dog anxiety.

3. Play. Finally, dogs bark to initiate play! A good dogs body language will create a positive dog play environment for your dogs to play! Dogs will bark in this play state to say “I’m having fun and am relaxed!”

Dog training is a vital requirement to ensure balance with you and your dog. By doing your daily training routines and disciplines, soon you will have the BEST trained dog on the block!