Need a change in your personal relationships? Take some advice from your dog

As a dog trainer in the Valley for over four years, I have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t display an overpowering connection, passion, and love for their dog. Sure, they say that a real man doesn’t cry, but the love that he displays for his dog is worldly. The closest thing to unconditional love from a dog, is the love a mother has for her child. We joke that “dysfunctional” families have disputes that often seem as if they CANNOT be resolved. The love from a dog lasts forever and is truly unconditional. To ensure your wife doesn’t pick the dog over YOU for movie night, follow the below simple tips:

  • Listening is the KEY to communication. A dog’s best sense is scent. What is a human’s best sense? Who really knows? Dogs act on instinct where human beings act on feelings and emotions. 80% of my job as a dog trainer is listening, and the remainder is problem-solving and reassurance. Having two ears and only ONE mouth should give us a hint!
  • Forgiveness and flexibility. Have you ever known a dog to hold a grudge? If so, for how long? I have NEVER seen a dog at a dog park go home with ANOTHER owner! Dogs are loyal and will remain with their original owner unless separated at the owner’s choice. Don’t be so rigid with your loved ones. It takes years to make acquaintances and only MINUTES to lose them! Joy takes less energy than anger. Forgive more and judge less.

Are humans designed for unconditional love? Observe your dog’s behaviors and begin your path to find the answer to this question.