How to take a “safe” road-trip with your pooch

So, you just finished watching “Driving Miss Daisy” and you want to take your new puppy for a road trip. GREAT! But remember, driving is hard enough when you are trying to concentrate on other drivers, pedestrians, stray Javelinas, trying to text, and NOW an energetic puppy! It’s okay to take your dog with you on your travels, but safety must always prevail. To ensure you get to the dog park in one piece, follow the below simple tips:

  1. Dogs belong in the back seat. Your dog must learn that they come second BEHIND you, the “pack leader.” By keeping your dog behind you in the car, you are reinforcing the pack order that human is first and dog is second. Therefore, keep Fido in the back seat. There are doggie seat belts available from your local pet store, OR use a “stay” command to keep your dog from coming into the front seats.
  2. Restricted access to windows. Besides eating and walking, a dog’s next favorite activity is putting their head out a car window! Not only does this cool them off, but their strong sense of smell cause them to be mesmerized by thousands of new odors rushing into their noses! With this said, safety is still of utmost importance. Only lower the rear windows enough so the dogs head can stick out, and then LOCK the power window controls to restrict the windows from accidently lowering or raising any further. NEVER have a dog in the rear of a pick-up truck unleashed.

Taking Fido for a car ride can be fun. Just remember that “safety” is always the main priority when traveling with your dog.