How To Make Your Dog Shake A Paw

Do you like dog tricks? Learn how to make your dog shake a paw with a few easy dog training tips.

And….the #1 dog training requested trick ever is…..drum roll please!!!! Shake a paw! Yes, in my many years of dog training, the most requested dog trick is always shake a paw. Teaching your dog to shake a paw not only gives him a job to do, but will always illustrate the proper dog pack order. Read below to learn how to make your dog shake a paw.

1. Dog Sit. The first step to train your dog to shake a paw is to have him “sit”. For more on the dog “sit” command READ THIS.

2. Focus on treat. Once your dog is sitting, you now want to raise a treat above his nose to have him focus on the treat. By doing this you will have his complete attention for our next dog training step. Also, having a dog treat above the nose will help with focus and concentration.

3. Paw “tap”. Now, the final dog training step! With your dog sitting AND focused on the food, you will take your opposite hand which the food is in, and gently “tap” the rear of your dogs paw and command “shake”. You will repeat this no more than 2 times. If your dog does NOT lift his paw after the 2nd “shake” command, you will raise it for him and affirm “good shake”. Soon, with daily dog training practice, he will be lifting his paw on the first “shake” command!

Dogs are naturally intelligent animals who need jobs to do!! Dog training tricks can offer your dog hours of challenging dog training exercise, mental stimuli, and daily dog training command opportunities. Dog training tricks can be easy and fun!

Happy Phoenix dog training!