Dog Training Pack Leader Basics

Learn how to quickly train your dog by being a strong dog pack leader. Dogs naturally want to follow a leader and will respond best to daily consistency in dog training.

Training your dog is not brain surgery. Have you ever lost weight? Or achieved a set goal over time? Dog training is no different. Dogs naturally want to be lead. Give them the right daily disciplines and consistent dog training routines, and soon you will have the best trained dog on the block! Below are some tips on how to become a strong dog pack leader.

1. Use a firm voice. Dogs communicate with whines, grunts, barks, and growls. So, the best way to be viewed more as a confident dog pack leader, is to use a firm voice. I teach my customers NOT to yell or use volume, but deep tone. Try to mimic the sound of an alarm clock or a short one syllable word..i.e..stop/chop/pop. By routinely using a firm voice, your dog will learn to create boundaries as well as anticipating a command from you.

2. Daily dog training command work. You will be viewed more as a strong dog pack leader by your dogs by doing daily dog training command work. Not only will daily commands keep your dog more focused, alert, and obedient, but will give them a job to do and look to you for pack leadership. Daily dog training commands can be: sit, leave it, stay, down, and come. Try to incorporate ALL your daily commands into your daily routines, i.e. dog agility, feeding, grooming, walking, and fetch exercises. Various training commands can be used in all the mentioned routines to reinforce great pack leadership to your dog.

3. Reinforce boundaries. I always teach my customers that at the beginning of dog training classes, the ratio of work to play with your dog should be roughly 80/20. With this mind set, your dog will get trained the fastest, with the best conditioning dog training results. Of course when certain training goals are met, you can then decrease this ratio to 50/50. If ever you notice your dog becoming harder to handle or testy, you then change back to 80/20. By following this dog training work/play ratio, your dog will experience more balance and desire to follow you as the dog pack leader.

By routinely practicing the above mentioned dog training pack leader basics, you will see much more balance with your dog pack. Just like humans who perform better at work for a great boss, the same is true with dogs for a great dog pack leader.