Dog Safety Training Tips For 4th Of July!

Happy July 4th Holiday to all! With any Holiday season, safety precautions must be taken with our dogs. Dog safety is important to ensure your dogs stress level and excitement is kept at a minimum with all the barbecuing and fire works that will take place on July 4th! Holidays and your dog can be fun and safe at the same time!

Below are a few good tips to help you keep your dog safe this July 4th:

1. Dog Thunder Shirt. With a lot of guests over for the Holiday, there will be heightened dog energy, dog stress, and many noises i.e. fireworks. Its a good idea to consider a Thunder Shirt for your dog. A Thunder Shirt is a velcro wrap that fits tight around your dog. Not only will this make your dog feel safe and secure, but it will bring added comfort to your dog resembling that of being held close in a dog pack.

Dog anxiety and fear of loud noises is common with dogs. Dog safety is knowing how to limit your dogs overall fear and anxiety by reducing the “fear” triggers. For MORE info. on dog anxiety read THIS. Also, to help with dog anxiety, basic dog training commands i.e., sit, stay, and down, will give a “job” for fido to do to help reduce over all stress.

2. Awareness of a hot barbecue grill. So you think you’re Emeril Lagasse? Great! Just remember that dog safety starts with keeping your dog at a distance from a hot grill. While grilling, give fido a bone to chew on, or a little “time out” in his crate or pen. Not only will this give your dog a bit of down time, but will guarantee no accidents related to your hot grill.

3. Ample water. Always have plenty of water for your dog! When a dog gets anxious, they get thirsty! So, be sure to have a couple water bowls around your home for your dog to drink from. Be aware, that with increased drinking, you will have to take him out a bit more often to avoid any doggie potty accidents. For MORE info. on potty training basics read THIS.

4. Dog tags/identification. Its a great idea to ID tag your dog 24×7 but especially on July 4th. Just in case your dog gets out of your home, you want to be sure that their dog ID tag is attached. I recommend NOT putting your dogs name on tag (sadly enough incase the finder decides to keep your dog), but to simply imprint $100 REWARD with your cell phone number. Dog safety is #1 during the Holidays, and a dog ID tag is a great way to make you rest at ease.

So, happy July 4th Holiday to all dogs! And remember, dog safety is just as important as the celebration of the Holiday and the observance of our great country!