Puppy Training With Children

Does puppy training with young children work? Can a young child command a dog to sit? YES! Just as the puppy will learn command routines and conditioning from an adult, they also can learn from a child. In my 8 year dog training career, I have always taught that successful dog training is a family […]

5 Puppy Training Games You Should Play With Your Puppy

Provided by: TAILS MAGAZINE They say a tired dog is a good dog, and at no time is this more true than when you’re dealing with a puppy––a little furball of energy who requires constant care and new puppy training attention or will likely be chewing up a shoe (or two) as soon as you […]

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Author: Bernadette Emery Co-Author: Mark Siebel Are you planning on bringing home a new puppy? After doing your research, finding a dog breed and a puppy that is right for you, there will still be several things that a dog owner should do to get ready to have and care for a new puppy. It […]

Phoenix dog training – Potty training basics

Many of my customers bring home a puppy, and tell me “We’ve had NO problems yet! No potty accidents, chewing, digging, jumping, mouthing, or counter surfing.” I call this the HONEYMOON period. Just wait. Puppies, almost guaranteed, will go through all the above behaviors, especially potty accidents in the house. On average, it takes 4-8 […]

Puppy Feeding Tips

How should you feed a puppy? Cute, cuddly and hungry! When your new puppy is ready for solid food, it is essential that they follow a complete and balanced diet. This will help supply them with sufficient amounts of nutrients and provide energy in order to promote optimal growth and development. While your puppy may […]

What Dog is Right For Me?

Bringing home a new dog is a major commitment. The #1 challenge I see with my dog training customers, is the breed and temperament of the dog not fitting the lifestyle of the owner. Lifestyle is VERY important when choosing a dog. How often are you home? Are you physically active? Do you have a […]

To Crate? Or Not To Crate?

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times: “Don’t think like a human when you should be thinking like a dog!” I often have customers who think like a humans, when they really need to be considering how wolves would be raised in a wild pack situation. Domesticated dog behaviors are derived […]