Benefits of Socializing your Dog

All dogs need to be socialized at an early age to ensure proper exposure to other dogs and human interaction. As a puppy, be sure to QUARANTINE your pup to the yard ONLY. It is ok to take them to a local coffee shop or other low-key social settings, but NO dog parks or public […]

GO GREEN! Earth safe products for your dog

Owning a dog is a lot like playing golf. By this I mean there are rules and appropriate behaviors/etiquette that correspond to dog ownership. Dogs are natural followers and WANT to please. With the right leadership and guidance, you can establish an amazing bond with your dog. To find this connection, it’s necessary to establish […]

Dog Parks

Author: Bernadette Emery Co-Author: Mark Siebel Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, AZ was rated the #1 dog park in 2007. It’s a four-acre park that includes many amenities that dogs love: a lake with a dock that dogs can jump off, obstacles that the dogs can use, and even a fountain that is shaped as […]

Grooming Your Dog

By: Nicole Ondrey Co Author: Mark Siebel Grooming is an essential factor in the health and well-being of your dog. Not only does it allow them to look and feel their best, grooming also provides an opportunity for you and your dog to bond. While you are grooming, you are spending quality time with your […]

How to integrate multiple dogs into your pack

How many dogs are too many? When done properly, integrating a new dog into your current pack should be relatively easy. The keys to successful integration are control and harmony. The most successful integrations typically occur between the same breed and class of dog, but this certainly is not always the case. Be sure that […]

Holidays and your dog. How to make them happy and safe for all!

Tis the season to be jolly! Another Holiday season has arrived. The Holidays often bring new people, irresistible foods, and other temptations into our homes, and we need to be aware of the safety of our pets. Dogs are curious by nature and their heightened sense of smell can many times get them into trouble. […]

Need a change in your personal relationships? Take some advice from your dog

As a dog trainer in the Valley for over four years, I have yet to meet a customer who doesn’t display an overpowering connection, passion, and love for their dog. Sure, they say that a real man doesn’t cry, but the love that he displays for his dog is worldly. The closest thing to unconditional […]

How to Prevent Dog Aggression

Many dogs exhibit some form of assertive/aggressive behavior throughout their lifetime. There are many causes of aggression, stemming from lack of littermate socialization, limited dog/dog interaction, and too much freedom as they mature. Dogs are pack animals and need to be socialized regularly with other balanced, healthy dogs. Dogs, by instinct want to follow a […]

Dog Water Safety

It’s summertime! Time for beer, brats, baseball, and the beach. It’s also time to be sure that your kids AND dogs are safe around water. For many Valley residents, most homes come equipped with a swimming pool. It’s important that your dog learns HOW to get out of the pool if they fall in. I […]

How to take a “safe” road-trip with your pooch

So, you just finished watching “Driving Miss Daisy” and you want to take your new puppy for a road trip. GREAT! But remember, driving is hard enough when you are trying to concentrate on other drivers, pedestrians, stray Javelinas, trying to text, and NOW an energetic puppy! It’s okay to take your dog with you […]