4 Tips To Keep Your Dog From Counter Surfing

Why does my dog counter surf? Learn 4 tips to keep your dog from counter surfing. Having problems with your dog counter surfing? Ikes!! A kitchen counter is a place which should be kept clean and healthy for kids and other family members to enjoy their meals. Having a meal on the counter is fine. […]

3 Most Popular Dog Training Stay Commands

When do I make my dog stay? Here is when!! When dog training, the stay command is most often used to keep your dog back from the front door, out of the kitchen, out of the bathroom, and out of the street. Training your dog to stay will give you added control and added dog […]

Why Do Dogs Jump?

Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Learn why dogs jump and how to limit it. Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Through daily dog training you will see a HUGE decrease in your dog jumping with the use of daily dog training commands. The MAIN […]

Where Is The Best Place To Train My Dog?

Learn the 3 placement phases of successful dog training: In the home, in the driveway, and at the park. Successful dog training will take place in three main settings: In the home, in the driveway, and finally at your local park. The key to training your dog will be focus, “trigger” reduction, and general obedience […]

Top 3 Agility Commands For Successful Dog Training

Learn dog agility basics: Table, over, and under. Dog agility will give your dog a job to do and reduce stress, anxiety, and aggression. Does your dog ever jump on the patio picnic table or your living room couch? If yes, dog agility is in your dogs future! Dog agility benefits dogs by not only […]

How To Make Your Dog Shake A Paw

Do you like dog tricks? Learn how to make your dog shake a paw with a few easy dog training tips. And….the #1 dog training requested trick ever is…..drum roll please!!!! Shake a paw! Yes, in my many years of dog training, the most requested dog trick is always shake a paw. Teaching your dog […]

Dog Training Psychology

What human psychology is combined with dog training psychology? Learn about the correlation of human psychology in work with dog training. Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior and mental process. So, how does this relate to humans interacting with dogs? Over my 8 year dog training career, I have observed very […]

Dog Training Pack Leader Basics

Learn how to quickly train your dog by being a strong dog pack leader. Dogs naturally want to follow a leader and will respond best to daily consistency in dog training. Training your dog is not brain surgery. Have you ever lost weight? Or achieved a set goal over time? Dog training is no different. […]

5 Remedies For Dog Anxiety

Does your dog bark incessantly when you leave your home? Does your dog chew holes in the couch when you’re gone? What about endless energy, heavy panting, or Nascar circles around the house before you leave? If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, chances are your dog has dog anxiety. Just like humans, […]

Phoenix Dog Training-Dog growling-good or bad?

Understanding Dog Growling Compliments of: Whole Dog Journal — Growling is a valuable means of communication for a dog – something that dog owners should appreciate and respect rather than punish. Of course, we don’t want our dog to growl at us, but neither do we want him to fail to growl if something makes […]