4 Tips To Keep Your Dog From Counter Surfing

Why does my dog counter surf? Learn 4 tips to keep your dog from counter surfing. Having problems with your dog counter surfing? Ikes!! A kitchen counter is a place which should be kept clean and healthy for kids and other family members to enjoy their meals. Having a meal on the counter is fine. […]

3 Most Popular Dog Training Stay Commands

When do I make my dog stay? Here is when!! When dog training, the stay command is most often used to keep your dog back from the front door, out of the kitchen, out of the bathroom, and out of the street. Training your dog to stay will give you added control and added dog […]

Why Do Dogs Jump?

Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Learn why dogs jump and how to limit it. Why do dogs jump? Dogs jump for a variety of reasons. Through daily dog training you will see a HUGE decrease in your dog jumping with the use of daily dog training commands. The MAIN […]

Where Is The Best Place To Train My Dog?

Learn the 3 placement phases of successful dog training: In the home, in the driveway, and at the park. Successful dog training will take place in three main settings: In the home, in the driveway, and finally at your local park. The key to training your dog will be focus, “trigger” reduction, and general obedience […]

The “Off” switch – How to bring “calmness” to your dog

I often walk into customers homes to be greeted by their dog’s high energy, often resembling that of a NASCAR racetrack. The living room couches and love chairs are actually being used as a race track! I typically get jumped on and greeted by a choir of glorious barking. A dog’s high energy is great, […]

Top 3 Agility Commands For Successful Dog Training

Learn dog agility basics: Table, over, and under. Dog agility will give your dog a job to do and reduce stress, anxiety, and aggression. Does your dog ever jump on the patio picnic table or your living room couch? If yes, dog agility is in your dogs future! Dog agility benefits dogs by not only […]

“Prey vs. Play” How to control your dogs natural prey drive

Recently, I’ve had many cases involving dogs that have extremely high prey drives. “Mark, my dog won’t stop chasing the cat!” Or, “Mark, I found another present at my back door that my dog brought me” (i.e..deceased rabbit or bird.) Dogs have a natural hunting instinct for hunting prey. Smell and motion of other animals […]

Off-leash obedience; How to keep your dog close

Oh…the dream of taking your dog to the park, taking him OFF the leash, and playing fetch without him running away! For some dogs this can be a reality. Unfortunately, for others, the instinctual desires to smell and track will make it difficult to trust their “off-leash” freedom. I tell customers that off-leash obedience is […]

Puppy Training With Children

Does puppy training with young children work? Can a young child command a dog to sit? YES! Just as the puppy will learn command routines and conditioning from an adult, they also can learn from a child. In my 8 year dog training career, I have always taught that successful dog training is a family […]

Dog on the couch? Or on the floor? How to overcome the tough dog training dilemmas

In any new relationship, there are often disagreements on HOW to train and control each others’ dogs. After training over 400 dogs and their owners, I have encountered many couples who are still at odds with certain rules and limitations for their dogs. Some times it takes some “fine tuning” to acclimate an existing dog […]