AZ dog training, a.k.a. Doggie Steps Dog Training has been training local Phoenix, AZ dogs since 2005. Over 3000 dogs have been trained with such dog training challenges as: potty training, puppy training, dogs jumping, dogs barking,dogs chewing, dogs digging, dog anxiety, and dog aggression. We train dogs at any age and any breed.

AZ dog training offers: IN HOME private dog training sessions, AT MY HOME private dog training sessions, GROUP dog training, and dog board/trainservices. We have found that dogs can learn new conditioning dog training techniques at any age!

Solutions to dog challenges

AZ dog training offers many unique, customized results based dog training solutions to your dogs needs.

Dog anxiety or dog aggression = dog agility. Learn to work your dog mentally and physically to distract and refocus their prey drive, dog ADD, and overall high energy drive.

Puppy potty training = daily potty training routines. Learn how to do a daily puppy potty training routines to potty train your dog in no time! Our methods also are effective with potty training older dogs.

Dogs chewing = dog chew bones and toys and exercise. Learn the appropriate dog bones to give your dog and what type of daily exercise a dog should have.

Dogs jumping = rewarding your dog ONLY when they are calm or work for your affection. Learn how to greet and command your dog to limit the jumping on people and furniture. ALSO: Learn how to be a strong pack leader by reading this: Dog Training Pack Leader Basics

AZ dog training will help you with just about any dog training challenge that you’re experiencing with your dog. Servicing AZ dog training customers for over eight years with over 3000 dogs trained, you can be confident that you and your dog will be in the right hands.