4 Tips To Keep Your Dog From Counter Surfing

Why does my dog counter surf? Learn 4 tips to keep your dog from counter surfing.

Having problems with your dog counter surfing? Ikes!! A kitchen counter is a place which should be kept clean and healthy for kids and other family members to enjoy their meals.

Having a meal on the counter is fine. Having a meal on the counter and your dog interfering by counter surfing? Now this is an issue to give a serious thought. This is where dog training can play a vital role is your dogs development. If you have a dog which interferes by jumping on the counter, then don’t just sit there and gape. Take dog training action! A dog jumping on the counter is a green light for any accident that can happen within seconds.

Once you see your dog’s paws on the counter top, make sure it will not only result in a mess, but also it can cause your dog to suffer from food poisoning.

The following 4 dog training counter surfing tips can help put an end to your dog’s counter surfing:

  • Identify the counter on which the dog mostly jumps. Paw prints, fur, or both can help you identify it.
  • Remove all items from the counter, which can cause harm to your dog.
  1. Line the specific counter with tinfoil. It will startle the dog once he jumps on the counter. The noise will make him alarmed that his owner will know about him counter surfing.
  2. Use a “can of pennies”. Fill a can with pennies and “shake” whenever your dog is about to counter surf. Soon, he will predict the sound, and re-consider or STOP counter surfing. The noise will condition him NOT to counter surf.
  3. Use the “off” command. If your dog is seen on counter, use the “off” command to train him to get “off” the counter. For more about the “off” command read THIS.
  4. ONLY feed your dog FROM his dog bowl!! No food ever from the kitchen table OR counter top. He will then learn that his only dog food source is from his dog bowl, NOT the counter top.

Dogs counter surfing can be eliminated with the help of the correct dog training daily routines. Practice the above dog training tips and soon Fido will only be eating from his dog bowl.

Happy Phoenix dog training!

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