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Dog Training in Chandler/Phoenix since 2005

Professional Dog Training in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Gilbert and Tempe, AZ

Professional Obedience & Behavior Dog Trainer in Chandler/Phoenix, AZ

Proven professional dog training services by Mark Siebel, Owner and Lead dog trainer of DOGGIE STEPS Dog Training, LLC.  A four-session dog training class will make instant changes in your dog’s behavior.  All dog training is force free and positive reinforcement based.  Owners will learn to communicate with their dogs by using human voice, visuals, and posture.

In-Home Dog Training Services in Phoenix/Chandler, AZ​

In Home Dog Training

Most premiere private dog training class where Mark travels to the clients home, and train/observe the dog and handler in their own home environment.

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At My Home Dog Training​

At My Home Dog Training

These dog training classes are where the customer comes to Mark’s home in Chandler, AZ for private dog training classes, held outside at a local park.

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Group Dog Training Services in Phoenix/Chandler, AZ​

Group Dog Training

GROUP sessions, (6) dog maximum held at Mark's home outside on the NE corner of Ray & McQueen, in Chandler, AZ. 

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Mission Statement

To deliver the most comprehensive dog training/consultative canine services to our customers in the utmost professional and results-based manner possible.

Top Dog Training Challenges Mark Can Help Solve

Potty Training

Potty Training

Puppies and any new dog to the household will need to be potty trained. Dog potty training will vary with every dog but by learning the correct way to do it will save a lot of time and sleepless nights. Crate or no crate? How much freedom can I give my puppy? How often should I take my puppy outside? How do I stop my dog from marking my furniture?

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Humans use words and vocal pitch to communicate. Dogs BARK! Dog training will lower your dogs stress and bring better calm-submissive harmony resulting in less barking. What is good vs. negative barking? Is it normal for my dog to bark in the backyard for 1 hour? What dog training command can be used to STOP incessant barking?

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Walking on a Leash

Walking on a Leash

Walking your dog is a great form of bonding, command review, and exercise. Does my dog have to be walked daily? How can I STOP my dog from pulling on the leash? My dog lunges at other dog when on the leash. Is that normal? What no-pull device should I be using to STOP pulling? DOGGIE STEPS includes my own dogs for classes if social interaction is needed!

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chew toy


Dog will be most likely to chew until their young adult years beginning at age 3. The first 5 months just until adult canine teeth begin to appear the chewing will be the most intense and your puppy will be chewing the most. What are good toys for my dog to chew on? How do I stop my dog from chewing? What dog training command could I use to STOP chewing?

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unhappy dog


As with humans dogs too get anxious. Symptoms include: Excessive licking, pacing, whining, barking, lunging and salivating. How can I make my dog less stressed? How can I bring more harmony and balance to my dog? Will a high anxiety dog eventually develop into aggression? DOGGIE STEPS includes my own dogs for classes if social interaction is needed!

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agression dog


Some dogs possess predisposed aggressive tendencies. This can be displayed by such behaviors as biting another human or animal, resource guarding (i.e. food dish, bone, couch, bed, family member), or unbalanced and unpredictable mood swings. My dog bit the mailman. My dog does NOT do well at the dog park. I don’t know anyone with a dog to socialize my dog with? DOGGIE STEPS includes my own dogs for classes if social interaction is needed!

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Professional Obedience & Behavior Dog Training

Contact us today for professional dog training in the Phoenix AZ area including Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, and other East Valley Arizona cities.

Professional Dog Training in Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa,Gilbert and Tempe, AZ

Mark has successfully trained over 6000+ dogs since 2005

Phoenix, AZ has a wide-variety of people living here with one main thing in common. They ALL love their dogs!!

Training provides our customers with a “blue print” for successful dog ownership. Our job at DOGGIE STEPS is not only to train and educate, but to consult with ALL aspects of what is involved with owning a dog from selection, health, training, grooming, boarding, and socialization.

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