April 24, 2018

2 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog OFF The Couch

2 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog OFF The Couch

Posted by:  Mark Siebel – Owner of Doggie Steps Dog Training, Chandler, AZ


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Dog Training requires patience, commitment, routine/repetition, and creativity.

For the sneaky dog who likes to jump on the couch when you’re gone, try the below 2 easy tips:

1.  Aluminum Foil.  This is a inexpensive and most often times very effective way to keep your dog off the couch.  Simply unwrap and lay the foil over the entire seats of the couch.  The sound and texture will scare or result in a negative stimulus to your dog, resulting in them not returning for a nap.

2.  Couch Mats.  A couch mat is similar to a office chair plastic mat.  They are thin plastic mats with tiny spikes on the bottom.  When flipped over, and placed face down on couch, the prick of the spikes will most likely NOT have Fido return.  The spikes are small enough where they won’t hurt him, but certainly are not pleasing the paws or to lay on.

So, by trying these 2 simple dog training tips, I’m confident over time your pooch will get the message that the couch is “invite only”.  Be sure to have a dog bed or another “place” in the home that your dog knows is his to sleep on.


Mark Siebel – Owner of Doggie Steps Dog Training, Chandler, AZ – http://www.doggiestepsdogtraining.com/

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